Consign With Dick Barbour Performance

Dick Barbour Performance is a 100% indoor “showroom like” dealership that offers consignment for your car that includes concierge service during the process.

We will advertise your vehicle on high traffic websites and forums, plus to our existing customer base via email. The advertisements will include a great amount of well taken photos, list of all options, detailed description, and a free Carfax report.

The concierge service and the advertising fee will be covered by our dealership.

There are a few ways to consign your vehicle with us. The first method is a “flat fee option,” making it 100% your call when it comes to pricing your car. The second method is based upon the “percentage of the sale,” which usually varies from 7%-10% of the final sale amount. And the third method is the “net to your number,” which means that you tell us the number that you need to net and we price the vehicle above this number in order to make our commission.

Please contact us for further information or with any additional questions you might have.

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